GROUPE ELECTROGENE Groupe electrogene


UMEB offers a wider range of gensets, as well as other types of electrical equipment and services. Gensets: single-phase and three-phase generators, manually operated or with automatic (AMF) operation, stationary or mobile, installed outdoors - with soundproof canopy, or indoors - open frame models, covering a power range between 2 and 800 kVA, as well as welding gensets covering a welding current range between 20 and 500 A. The GEBAS genset series has been designed to fulfill all the energetic necessities of every type of electric appliance, having a compact design, powerful, reliable, easy to use and with silent operation. GEBAS gensets are equipped with diesel engines from famous genset engines manufacturers.

The major difference between UMEB and our competitors is that UMEB can provide its clients integrated manufacturing solutions.