UMEB ELEKTROMOTOREN70 years of experience and innovation

UMEB Elektromotoren manufactures explosion proof electric motors. We are a well-known Romanian company manufacturing low voltage rotating electrical machines and generating sets.

Motoare electrice, motoare antiex, generatoare electrice Our products meet the requirements of European reference directives. Also, our product quality has continuously improved and made UMEB be a partner appreciated by the customers, both in the country and European Union.

In over 70 years of experience, UMEB gained and has maintained a dominant position in the internal market and, at the same time, an important place in the international competitions. The products manufactured in UMEB Elektromotoren are used in all branches and sub-branches of the Romanian economy, being the unique internal manufacturer of many product groups.

UMEB Elektromotoren - manufacturer of electric motors, special flameproof motors for mining industry, explosion proof ELECTRIC motors for petrochemical industry, direct current electrical motors for city traction, power supplies (three-phase synchronous generators).



Our company manufactures electrical motors and generating sets of a highly operating safety, in a large range of product types (over 500). UMEB Elektromotoren can also manufacture products in OEM system.

Owing to our staff’s competence, we can complete this offer by consulting, technical assistance and quality service. The Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001 requirements, was implemented in 2000, being certified, at this moment by SGS Romania.




UMEB Elektromotoren manufactures two series of explosion-proof induction motors, certified by Insemex Petrosani, in compliance with the instruction ATEX 2014/34/EU.

By the quality and safety of our products, you can reach the performances desired in your activity!

UMEB - producator motoare electrice